$eedNY Goals

$eedNY is a public awareness campaign focused on informing all community stakeholders about the critical role that seed funding plays in establishing an entrepreneurial ecosystem that can transform New York into a innovation-based economy. To that end, its goals are:

• Shed light on the unrealized potential that exists in New York State to create jobs based on academic R&D
• Expose the reality of venture investing in New York State

• Justify the need for a statewide seed fund

• Help create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will better leverage the academic R&D from New York’s universities and research centers

Why Support $eedNY?

$eedNY is a collaborative, bipartisan effort of thought leaders from businesses, universities and government who believe that New York has the potential to build a strong innovation based economy. In addition, it
• Addresses a statewide need
• Involves public/private partnerships
• Holds potential for having a direct positive impact on building an Innovation Economy for New York State

The Case for Action

Download Case for Action